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Middletown Township is governed by a five-member Township Committee. The Township Committee establishes policies and programs in addition to appropriating the municipal budget. Members are elected to three-year terms on a staggered basis. Either one or two seats come up for election each year as part of the November general election. Every year the Committee selects one of its members to serve as Mayor and another as Deputy Mayor, each for a one-year term.

Meet Tricia Maguire

Tricia has twenty-five years of experience as a community focused advocate, organizer and executive board level volunteer. Tricia served two terms as a Vice President on the Board of Governance as well as serving on the Education, Annual Pledge Fund, Threshold for Growth and Strategic Planning Committees at UUCMC in Lincroft. She hopes to continue to build connections within the community here in Middletown as a member of your Township Committee

Parent & neighbor

Tricia Maguire, born and raised in Monmouth County, moved to Middletown in 2003 with her husband Bob and their three daughters Maeve, Josie and Fiona.  All three of her daughters have attended Middletown schools.

Educator & Volunteer

Tricia has been a coach in various capacities since the late 1980’s. Combining her professional work as a Child Development Specialist and her love for and training in yoga, she has launched numerous gentle yoga programs for children and individuals working to resolve long standing PTSD and anxiety.

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Education & Experience

My Community Profile

I have over 25 years of experience as a community-focused advocate, organizer, and leader. I have spent my professional life supervising, counseling, advising, teaching, collaborating and planning for the future.

Community Accomplishments

Hurricane Sandy Relief
Sandy Relief Committee, Project Manager, 2012

Middletown Arts Center
Recreational Class instructor, 2005

Monmouth County Parks
Recreational Class Instructor, 2008

Middletown Township Library
Children’s Health Instructor, 2010

Community Organizing

Action Together Monmouth County
Group Administrator and Team Leader

Planned Parenthood
Community Action Team Leader, Lobby Local Elected Official

Indivisible 4NJ
Security Team Leader

Shore Area NOW
National Member, Local Reproductive Health Committee Member

Professional Experience

Lehigh University
Career Counselor, 1994

Temple University
Resident Director, 1995

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Resident Supervisor, 1997

College of St. Elizabeth
Director of Residence Life, 1999

When Crisis Hits Home
When Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore,

Tricia used unique professional and life experiences to step up and make a difference.

She was able to build a team of local volunteers to serve the community. Working with FEMA as a member of the religious community to partner with their services, she hired a grant writer to secure funds for, and helped develop a Volunteer coordinator position at the UUA. 

Tricia Helps Rebuild 
As a former Residence Facilities professional,

Tricia is familiar working with contractors, vendors and serving as a purchasing agent.

Tricia volunteered as a Project Manager for a local family who lost their home. She coordinated help for the mud out, relocation, salvage and storage. She recruited and scheduled skilled volunteers to work with the contractor. Finally, Tricia wrote a grant and raised funds to help the family financially while displaced.


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